Reasons to Buy an Air Purifier

5 Reasons Why You May Buy an Air Purifier

Considering buying an Air Purifier? They’re cheap, easy to run and maintain, great for many health conditions, making

Considering buying an Air Purifier? They’re cheap, easy to run and maintain, great for many health conditions, making your home and workplace a happier healthier place to be. So let’s get started with 5 reasons why you may want to buy an Air Purifier.

1. It doesn’t cost a lot to breathe clean air

Air Purifiers are a good purchase economically speaking. A standard one can be anything from £20 to £200 plus, so not too pricey. Also, they are fairly cheap to run as most are only small and plug directly into a standard electrical socket making them a portable solution to have clean air on the go.

2. No need for expensive installation and engineers

Very large models must be installed by a qualified engineer. However, when buying a smaller home model this is not necessary. Making it easier and more accessible for everyone to own an Air Purifier.

Air Purifiers are also easy to maintain as many have a filter which is simple and easy to replace. The filter that they have is coated with an anti-bacterial layer helping keep your home or workspace clean and bacteria free.

3. Not only inexpensive but healthy too

Other health benefits of an Air Purifier are that they remove any contaminants larger than 0.3 microns as well as the bacteria, it does this with a success rate of up to 99.9%. Contaminants larger than 0.3 microns include; Asbestos, meaning if you are living or working in an older building it would be in your best interest to purchase an Air Purifier. They can also remove pet dander, pollen and most dust, therefore allergy sufferers would benefit largely from using one as it clears the air of many causes of pet allergies and hay fever.

4. Get rid of unwanted smells and harmful odours

Along with this Air Purifiers also gets rid of any unwanted odours and harmful gases which could be in the air, including cigarette smoke. They do this by having a special filter media which absorbs any odour or gas eliminating them from the air you breathe, helping you to breathe easier and taking away a lot of risks to your health.

5. Air Purifiers are recommended by health experts for those with respiratory problems

Another health benefit comes to those suffering from lung conditions such as Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Health experts recommend the use of an Air Purifier to remove contaminants and irritants which contribute to the symptoms of these conditions. Though not a complete solution to the illness they certainly help combat many triggers which would make a person’s condition worsen.

Anyone with children or elderly members of the family would benefit from the anti-bacterial function to protect the vulnerable from illness, assisting individuals living with allergies or lung-related diseases live free from the irritants which aggravate their symptoms. On top of all this, they can remove asbestos and harmful gases from the air.

Overall the use of Air Purifiers is of immense value to the majority of society. They are cheap and accessible to buy, cheap to run and easy to use making them a good way of breathing clean air at home.