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Maxim Air Purifier and Ioniser Plug In Review

The Maxim Air Purifier and Ioniser Plug In is sure to bring clean, fresh air to your home

The Maxim Air Purifier and Ioniser Plug In is sure to bring clean, fresh air to your home with very little effort on your part. The unit promises to remove a whole host of contaminants from the air, including dust, pollen, fungus, smoke and soot. It also works to eliminate odours in your living environment, so you can count on it for two important purposes. The permanent filter eliminates the need to change it all the time.

Price: Low; Less than £40

How it Works

The permanent filter works with a stream of negative ions that capture pollutants and help remove them from the air. The ions trap the harmful stuff, neutralizes them, and then releases fresh, clean air back into your house or workplace. The filter also helps get rid of odours associated with pets, cigarettes and cooking, making this a great choice for just about any room in your house.


In addition to a permanent filter that never needs to be changed, this air purifier also has two speeds, allowing you to set it precisely for the conditions and your specific needs. The turbo function optimises performance and also, helps circulate the air in your space. Use the whisper mode to keep the unit quiet in your bedroom or office.

The tall, thin design of the unit makes it easy to use in small spaces and the sleek finish melds well with your decor. Easy to use control and neutral colours round out the reasons why this air purifier is such a great choice.


As with any purifier, this one needs regular care to ensure that it always works properly as well as to extend its lifespan. Keep the unit free of dust so that nothing gums up the works. You won’t need to replace the filter since it’s a permanent one, but you will need to remove it periodically and clean it with warm water and mild soap. Allow some clearance on the sides for better performance of the product.

Who Can Use the air purifier?

The Maxim Air Purifier and Ioniser is great in any space, including living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens and your office at work. It helps keep the air clean and fresh, while also minimising odours at the same time. It’s ideal for all ages and can keep a baby’s room clean and odour free. Use the unit in a home with pets to keep dander and smells at bay.

What We Like

  • A space saving design makes it easy to use the air purifier in just about any space.
  • Two speeds allow you to set the purifier to your exact specifications.
  • The permanent filter means you’ll never have to spend money on a replacement like you do with other models.
  • Ion technology effectively removes contaminants and smells from virtually any space you use it in.
  • This unit is also great for airing out spaces that have been closed or that aren’t used too often.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not offer a 99.99% percent pollutant removal guarantee like other models.
  • Some users report flimsy materials that don’t hold up to daily use.
  • Others report a burning smell with prolonged use of the air purifier.

When you need a small, but stylish air purifier, this is a choice you’ll love. It’s easy to place on tables, shelves or even the floor and gets right to work removing smells and contaminants from the air. Anyone will love how clean and fresh the air is where the unit is used.


Brand Globatek
Weight 880 g
Dimensions 33.6 x 16.2 x 8.6 cm


The Maxim Air Purifier and Ioniser has over 700 customer reviews on Amazon and has been awarded 3.5 stars out of 5 on average.

This Air Purifier ranks ok on the Amazon UK Bestseller list and has a really low price point.

Price: Low; Less than £40